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Links 30-06-2010

Gorgerous Moir pattern illusions
Remote heart-beat detector becomes reality There will be no where to hide when the machine uprising begins.
Steampunk Laptop


Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in microgravity. Lots of bubbles. Via Skepchick


Liquids that don’t work like liquids Non-newtonian fluids
A liquid that turns solid in a magnetic field Ferrofluids
Meet great great grandpa the neanderthal
Insects covered in dew

Stealing Light by Gary Gibson

Humanity has made it to the stars. But only because the Shoal, an ancient alien race who control access to the stars has granted humanity some limited access. [Read more →]

Books brought May 2010

books_may_2010Bit of a spending splurge on books this month. So much for reducing the size of my To Be Read pile. [Read more →]

Goods In


More t-shirts from Last Exit To Nowhere, the t-shirt site for movie geeks.

Game Night by Jonny Nexus

game_night_300Five adventurers set out for fame, fortune and XP. It couldn’t be easier, they  just have to embark on a quest to save the world. They even have the help of the gods. Which is a problem, since the gods aren’t quite sure what they are supposed to be doing.

[


Hong Kong architect really maximises the space available in his tiny apartment. Youtube video via Wired.com
A Lego Rubik Cube solver Youtube video
The Bridges of Death! These make me want to take up caving.
Inside an underground submarine base.
Strange horror underground art.

Moxyland by Lauren Beukes


Angry Robot Books, available now.
A near future Cape Town, where corporations and governments work hand in hand to maintain each others dominance and control over the populace. This is a fast and furious near-future dystopia, that feels scarily real.

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Goods In 15-03-2010

Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 3
Runcible Tales by Neal Asher
The City and The City by China Miéville
Lavinia by Ursula Le Guin

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