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Stealing Light by Gary Gibson

Humanity has made it to the stars. But only because the Shoal, an ancient alien race who control access to the stars has granted humanity some limited access.
Dakota Merrick is a machine-head, a woman with illegal implants in her head that lets her remotely control computers, interface with spaceships and process vast amounts of data. Now she survives as a smuggler, using her ship, the Piri Reis, to supply various grey and black goods. Framed for using an illegal weapon to destroy a habitat belonging to a gangster, she is wanted and on the run. So Dakota joins a ship as a pilot for a routine planetary survey.
Lucas Corso is a specialist in ancient alien programming languages. With his girlfriend murdered and family imprisoned on trumped up charges, he is recruited by the very people he hates to join the survey and decode the data on the derelict ship found there.
But the Shoal might just be jealous of others acquiring an FTL and will do anything to prevent them.

This is Gary Gibson’s third book, and the first in a series. The story is gripping and moves along at a decent pace. While some parts of the story are entirely predictable, the main story has enough twisted that you can’t be quite sure what is happening until near the end.
A fine read. The story continues in Nova War.

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