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Game Night by Jonny Nexus

game_night_300Five adventurers set out for fame, fortune and XP. It couldn’t be easier, they  just have to embark on a quest to save the world. They even have the help of the gods. Which is a problem, since the gods aren’t quite sure what they are supposed to be doing.

Having played role-playing games, this book reminded me of the way the games I played would go. Despite the best efforts of the games-master the players would head off in random directions, and would seem to try their best to avoid the carefully crafted story presented to them.

The story is spilt between the action in the world, as our intrepid and mismatched heroes seek adventure, while elsewhere the gods bicker and argue and annoy each other and the games master, the AllFather.

This is a funny book, the best book I have read on role-playing. And its laugh out loud funny. Any role-player is going to recognise some of their games in the characters and the situations they are presented with. It also reminded me why I switched to games-mastering Paranoia. So much easier to kill the players. A definite winner.


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