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every os sucks

Well hi there
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ha, ha, ha
You see, I come from a time in the nineteen hundred and seventies
when computers where used for two things
too either go to the moon or play pong
and nothing inbetween, you see
and You didn’t need a fancy operating system to play pong
and the men who went to the moon, god bless them
did it with no mouse
and a plain text only black and white screen
and thiry-two kilobytes of ram
but then round about the late seventies
home computers started to do a little bit more than play pong
very little more
why computers started to play games
and balance check books
why, you could play zakon on you apple II or write a book
all with a computer that had thirty-two kilobytes of ram
It was enough to go to the moon
it was enought for you
it was a golden time
a time before windows
a time before mouses
a time before the internet and bloatware
and a time before every OS sucked
Well way back in the olden times my computer worked for me
I’d laugh and play all night and day on zork one, two and three
the amiga, vic 20 and sinclair two, the trs 80 and the apple II
they did what they where supposed to do
It wasn’t much but it was enough
but then xerox made a prototype
Steve Jobs came on the scene
read of mice and menues windows, icons, trash and a bitmapped screen
Oh stevie said to xerox boys, turn your heads and cough
and when noone was looking he ripped their interfaces off
stole every feature that he had seen
put it in a cute box with a tiny little screen
MacOS ran that machine
only cost 5000 bucks
but it was slow
it was buggy
so they wrote it again
and now they’re up to OS ten
they’ll charge you for the beta, then charge you again
but the MacOS still sucks
every OS wastes your time
from the desktop to the lap
every thing since apple dos
just a bunch of crap
from microsoft and macintosh
to lin-ly-lin-ly-nucs
evey computer crashes
cause ever os sucks
well then microsoft jumped in the game
copied apples interface with an os named
windows three point one
it was twice as lame
but the stock price rose and rose
then windows 95, then 98
man, solitarie never ran so great
and every single version came out late
but I guess thats the way it go
but that bloatware will crash and delete your work
and dme man none of them work
bill gates may be richer than captain kirk
but the windows os blows
and sucks
at the same time
I’d trade it in, yeah, right
for what
it’s top of the line
from the compuhut
the fridge, stove and toaster
never crash on me
I should be able to get online
without a Phd
my phone doesn’t take a week to boot it
my tv doesn’t crash when I mute it
I miss ascii text in my floppy drive
I wish vic 20 was still alive
It ain’t the hardware man
it’s just that every OS sucks
and blows
Now theres lin-ux or ly-nic
I don’t know how you say it
or how you install it or use it or play it
or where you download it or what programs run
but lin-ux or ly-nic don’t look like much fun
however you say it
it’s getting great press
though how it survives is anyones guess
if you ask me it’s a great big mess
for elitist nerdy schmucks
it’s free they say
if you can get it to run
the geeks say hey, thats half the fun
yeah, but I’ve got a girlfriend and things to get done
the linux OS sucks
I’m sorry to say it but it does
every os wastes your time
from the desktop to the lap
everything since the abacus, just a bunch of crap
from microsfot and macintosh
to lin-ly-lin-ly-nucs
every computer crashes cause evey os sucks
every computer crashes cause evey os sucks